CIDA provides a high level of support to currently accredited and programs seeking accreditation. Primary resources are CIDA Professional Standards and accreditation policy and procedures. CIDA staff provides assistance to programs and also holds an annual accreditation workshop in conjunction with the Interior Design Educator Council’s national conference each spring.

The additional resources below support sharing of information among programs to enrich the understanding of accreditation practices.

Case Study

The accreditation case study will assist programs in developing a timeline for seeking accreditation. The program and judgments of quality are fiction and used only for the purpose of illustration.

Case Study

Workshop Presentations

The Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) holds an annual workshop for faculty members and administrators from interior design programs interested in seeking initial accreditation and re-accreditation. For these workshops, CIDA invites faculty members that have recently organized successful accreditation reviews to give presentations on best practices in accreditation.

Use the links below to download recent presentations:
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Program Self-study in Preparation for a CIDA Accreditation Review
Presented by Dr. Benjamin Valdez and Mary Ann Thornam, the Art Institute of Colorado

Demonstrating Compliance with CIDA Standards
Presented by Sandra Reicis, Villa Maria College

Organizing the Student Work Display
Presented by Amy Roehl and Gayla Shannon, Texas Christian University

Organizing the Student Work Display
Presented by Claire Hamilton, University of Southern Mississippi


Program Self-study in Preparation for a CIDA Accreditation Review
Presented by Kristen Arnold, Weber State University

Writing the Program Analysis Report
Presented by Michael Chisamore, University of Memphis

Organizing the Student Work Display
Presented by Katherine Setser, Miami University

Organizing the Student Work Display
Presented by Roger Vitello, Northern Arizona University

Preparing for a CIDA Site Visit
Presented by Denise Homme, Design Institute of San Diego

Program Summaries

Programs accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation reside in a rich and diverse range of contexts. Each program that undergoes an accreditation review provides basic information about the institution, program, faculty, and students to assist CIDA in understanding factors influencing the program. As a resource for programs, CIDA compiles this information into summaries.

Important things to know about the summaries:

  • Information is collected on a three-year cycle in conjunction with program self-study reports and progress reports. Thus, the summaries reflect a three-year timeframe.
  • Programs generally provide complete information to CIDA; however, some summary information does not include 100% participation of all programs.
  • While CIDA makes every effort to include accurate information, CIDA does not guarantee the accuracy of information that programs provide.

The currently posted summaries include information gathered from April 1, 2015 through June 20, 2018 . The summaries are updated twice a year.

Summary Reports: (.pdf)