Candidate Programs

Candidacy status is recognition of the quality of academic programs in development. CIDA’s Accreditation Commission awards candidacy status to programs to signify that the Commission has determined the program is progressing towards CIDA accreditation and has the potential to achieve compliance with CIDA Standards within five years. Candidacy status does not indicate that a program is accredited, nor does it guarantee eventual accreditation of that program by CIDA. Frequently asked questions about candidacy status.

The list of candidate programs on this website supercedes all previously published lists. The list is updated twice a year following Accreditation Commission meetings at which accreditation decisions are made. Candidacy status is granted for a non-renewable term not to exceed five years. The two dates in parenthesis next to the name of the program represent the date candidacy status was awarded and the date it will expire.

North Carolina

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture and Design (2018, 2023)