The future of the interior design profession rests in the knowledge, inspiration and ambitions of its youth, the students of today who will become the leaders of tomorrow. They will be required one day to make tough decisions and take necessary actions that will guide the profession when the current generation relinquishes the reins.

The work of the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) is intrinsically linked to the interior design profession’s future through the value it provides in assuring students of a quality education.

  • Setting Standards: CIDA’s superior educational standards provide the foundation upon which students will acquire the knowledge necessary to inform and inspire the profession to continued growth throughout the 21st century.
  • Evaluating and Accrediting Programs: CIDA’s thorough and careful review of interior design programs’ compliance with standards ensures that graduates will be prepared for entry-level practice and poised for future professional growth, a significant competitive advantage considered by potential employers.
  • Facilitating Outreach and Collaboration: CIDA’s unique involvement with both interior design education and the practice of the profession allows it to facilitate the mutual exchange of information between the two segments. This provides continual momentum on behalf of educators and the profession, strengthening the bonds of professional community where each is a collaborative partner in the advancement of the field.