The Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) is committed to the continuous improvement and enhancement of interior design education, and thus the profession itself, by operating according to a strict set of core values.

  • CIDA is passionate about the knowledge at the heart of the interior design profession, about growing and deepening that base of knowledge, and about articulating it for the benefit of educators, students, and interior design practitioners.
  • CIDA is firmly committed to setting high standards for interior design education, challenging others to meet and exceed those standards and seeking ways to continuously elevate and evolve the standards, thus significantly contributing to the advanced professionalism of the interior design field.
  • CIDA aspires to and cultivates sensibilities that reflect the integrity of the interior design profession.
  • As a responsible accreditation resource, CIDA is dedicated to being attentive and responsive to all its stakeholders.
  • An advocate of design excellence and elevated professionalism, CIDA adheres to top quality in every facet of its work.