History of Standards & Guidelines

Standards for accrediting interior design programs are formulated by the Standards Committee and, as appropriate, by specially appointed subcommittee(s). Standards Committee members may be interior design educators or practitioners, representatives of the public served by interior designers, other environmental designers or educators, and others seemed appropriate to the development of acceptable standards for reviewing interior design educational programs. A breadth of interests is maintained in the composition of the Standards Committee.

The Research Committee convened its first meeting

Held in Madison, Wisconsin in January 1986, it addressed FIDER's mission to have research inform future developments for interior design education as well as the completion of projects. Over time, projects highlighted the Polsky-funded research, comparative cost of accreditation, and continuation of research on levels of interior design programs, and laid the groundwork for future research committees. Major projects included those under the direction of M. J. Hasell (1992-1997) on the “Future of Interior Design” citing six trends and M. B. Portillo (1998-2005) on the “Strategic Stories Project.” The Research Council was discontinued with CIDA reorganization.

FIDER members, 1989.
Joy Dohr, Kayem Dunn, and Doris Burton, 1989.

2006 Future Vision session

2009 FIDER/CIDA Standards & Guidelines Chart