Executive Directors

The Executive Directors are noted below along with the administrative location of FIDER/CIDA at the time. FIDER started out in Virginia, moved to New York, and later moved to Michigan.

1972-1976, Gary Robinette, Executive Director, McLean, VA
1976-1979, John J. Mead, Administrator (He was the Exec. Director of ASID at the time); Lynn Klaskin, Executive Assistant; Gary Robinette, Consultant when FIDER headquarters moved to the ASID National Office, New York City, NY
1977-1987, Edna Kane, New York City (started attending FIDER meetings in Nov. 1977; Director of Administration 1979; later called Executive Director)
1987-1988, Dominic F. Terrone, New York City, NY
1988, Doris Burton, Acting Executive Director with Lyman Johnson, New York City
1988, Lyman Johnson, Acting Executive Director with Doris Burton, New York City
1988-2006, Kayem Dunn, Executive Director, Grand Rapids, MI
2006-present, Holly Mattson, Executive Director, Grand Rapids, MI