CIDA publishes 2017 Future Scan

November 06, 2017

The Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) has published its 2017 Future Scan. The 2017 Future Scan is the latest addition to a cadre of scanning activities undertaken by CIDA to forecast changes influencing interior design practice. An initial scan in 2016 was followed by a forecasting summit in spring 2017. In addition to the most recent 2017 Future Scan, both the 2016 Future Scan and spring 2017 Summit Report are available on the CIDA website.

CIDA’s annual future scan and summit are conducted to both predict and respond to the myriad rapid changes impacting interior design. In spring 2018, the CIDA Board again will convene experts to predict potential implications for interior design from the 2017 Future Scan. CIDA’s Board and Standards Committee use these results, as well as ongoing field audits, to further develop the accreditation standards for interior design programs. Substantial proposed changes to accreditation standards require community review and comment prior to final adoption. CIDA’s most recent accreditation standards became effective in January 2017.

“With this ambitious and rigorous approach to environmental scanning and forecasting, CIDA is proactively pursuing the best outcomes for interior design graduates. While the scope and pace of change seems daunting, CIDA provides a basis upon which to continually develop educational content that prepares graduates to navigate and advance the profession,” states Lisa Waxman, Ph.D., FIDEC, ASID, CIDA Board Chair.

Click here for CIDA’s 2017 Future Scan.

The Council for Interior Design Accreditation is an independent, non-profit, accrediting organization responsible for setting standards and evaluating degree-granting interior design programs. There are 191 CIDA-accredited programs in the U.S., Canada, Qatar, and the UAE.

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