CIDA Award for Excellence call for entries

The Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) is excited to announce the third annual CIDA Award for Excellence Competition. The CIDA Board of Directors aims to recognize outstanding practices in interior design education. The Award for Excellence competition is open to faculty members and collaborating teams at CIDA-accredited interior design programs. Awards of up to $5,000 are available to winning entries. CIDA also intends to widely publicize winning entries.

The CIDA Board of Directors believes that recognizing excellence in interior design education is an important activity that supports the advancement of educational quality. CIDA’s goal with the award is to join the range of efforts underway throughout higher education and the professional organizations to collect and share information about successful methodology and approaches to interior design education. Judges will give preference to entries that exhibit one or more of the following: clarity of intent and outcomes, relevance to contemporary practices or issues impacting interior design, creativity and/or innovation, and demonstration of successful student learning.

2016 Award for Excellence submissions are due in the CIDA office no later than September 15, 2016. Award winners will be notified in January 2017. Click here for more information about this competition.

The 2015 first place winner is Sarah Strauss, Visiting Associate Professor in the Interior Design Department at Pratt Institute. Professor Strauss’ entry, “Tools, Tactility, and Technology,” made a lasting impression on the awards panel. The entry embodied an in-depth study of tactile surfaces and the integration of sound, movement, and touch. It required students to dig deep into the study of principles and elements and how this relates to their ability to see complexity. This entry and other 2015 award winners can be viewed here.

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