Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) grant supports Standards Development Project

IDC is the latest supporter to announce the granting of funds dedicated to supporting the major standards development project currently underway by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). Founded in 1972, IDC is Canada’s national advocacy association for the interior design profession. IDC represents more than 4,500 members including fully qualified interior designers, Intern members (who have yet to pass their exams), students, educators and retired members. CIDA Board Chair and IDC Liaison Heather Robertson Corrigan commends IDC, saying “Support received from IDC will help further the momentum of the standards development project already underway, and is another solid example of commitment to the interior design profession and confidence in CIDA’s mission.”

“IDC is pleased to support this initiative. Not only are we committed to the continual improvement of education standards, but also, we value the information CIDA is gathering for the evolution of the profession for future generations of interior designers,” states Denis Chouinard, IDC Board President.

The standards development project has been highly productive to date. In 2014, activities have focused on building a rich knowledge base about factors influencing the profession and higher education in the future. Environmental scanning and surveying has led to an exceptional body of information upon which to forecast emerging realities and opportunities to advance the field. In November, CIDA convened Future Vision, a summit of thought leaders from higher education, interior design practice, industry, allied disciplines, and clients, who considered results of environmental scanning and established priorities for future entry-level interior design practitioners. Results will be reported in early 2014 and used to craft accreditation standards in 2015 through a process that includes extensive community review and comment. New accreditation standards will be published in early 2016, with implementation in 2017.

The Council for Interior Design Accreditation is an independent, non-profit, accrediting organization responsible for setting standards and evaluating degree-granting interior design programs. There are 184 CIDA-accredited programs in the U.S., Canada, and Qatar. For more information about the CIDA standards development project visit: CIDA Professional Standards. For more information on IDC, visit:

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