FINAL REMINDER: New institutional and program eligibility requirement implemented

In May 2013, CIDA announced the adoption of a new institutional and program eligibility requirement related to the publication of aggregate data addressing various aspects of student achievement (click here to see a detailed announcement). This eligibility requirement was implemented in order to satisfy Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) recognition criteria for accreditors, and is effective immediately. As was announced in May 2013, all CIDA accredited and candidate programs must submit evidence by August 1, 2014 in order to maintain their status. The requirement states:

A program seeking accreditation must demonstrate that:
  • It collects and publishes reliable information to the public regarding student achievement, including aggregate data addressing attrition and retention, graduation rates, job placement rates, and acceptance into graduate programs.

CIDA-accredited and candidate programs are encouraged to submit documentation of compliance with the new requirement as soon as possible so that CIDA staff and the Accreditation Commission can review the submission and provide feedback. Programs that do not submit evidence of compliance with this eligibility requirement by the August 1 deadline will immediately be placed on Show Cause, which is a public status indicating that a currently accredited program is in non-compliance with CIDA’s institutional and program eligibility requirements or policies. A show cause order is issued for a period of time specified by the Accreditation Commission depending on the nature of program non-compliance. If the Commission determines that compliance has not been achieved within the specified period of time, accreditation will be revoked. The complete Show Cause policy can be found in CIDA’s Policy and Procedures, Section VIII. Maintaining Accredited Status, page 3.

Please contact Megan Scanlan () with questions about the new eligibility requirement and demonstrating compliance.