REMINDER: New institutional and program eligibility requirement implemented

In May 2013, CIDA announced the adoption of a new institutional and program eligibility requirement related to the publication of aggregate data addressing various aspects of student achievement (click here to view the full announcement). This new eligibility requirement was put into effect to satisfy a mandate from CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation), and is effective immediately. All CIDA accredited programs must submit evidence by August 1, 2014 in order to maintain their accredited status.

The requirement states:

A program seeking accreditation must demonstrate that:
It collects and publishes reliable information to the public regarding student
achievement, including aggregate data addressing attrition and retention,
graduation rates, job placement rates, and acceptance into graduate programs.

CIDA has started reviewing evidence of compliance with this new eligibility requirement from programs and providing feedback on whether or not the criteria has been met. The exact nature and format of the evidence may vary as long as CIDA can determine that it satisfies the intent of the requirement. Sufficient documentation might include a link to the program’s webpage displaying the data or a copy of the data from an institutional publication. While it is the responsibility of individual programs to determine parameters for data collection and publication, and to ensure the data is clear, consistent, and current, CIDA would like to offer the following feedback to programs:

  • The data that is collected and published must be specific to the CIDA-accredited interior design program. Data for an entire institution or department will not meet the intent of the requirement. For example, a link to the institution’s listing on the IPEDS website will not provide sufficient documentation of compliance.
  • Programs must provide aggregate data addressing each of the items listed in the new requirement: attrition and retention; graduation rates; job placement rates; and acceptance into graduate programs. If any of these items are missing, the program will be asked to provide the information.
  • The intent of this requirement is to provide the public with clear, consistent, and reasonably current information addressing student achievement. For instance, a program could provide all of the data in one easily identifiable location on its website.

The following is a sample submission that would demonstrate compliance with the requirement:

University XX, Bachelor of XX in Interior Design, Student Achievement Data

Job Placement: 75% of the students that graduated in May 2012 were employed by January 1, 2013.

Acceptance into Graduate Programs: 100% of students from the May 2012 graduating class who applied to graduate school were accepted.

Graduation Rates: 90% of the students from the class of 2012 graduated in 4 years.

Retention/Attrition: 90% of the students enrolled during the spring 2012 semester returned in fall 2012, putting attrition at 10%.

All CIDA-accredited programs are encouraged to submit documentation of compliance with the new requirement as soon as possible so that CIDA staff and the Accreditation Commission can review the submission and provide feedback. Even if data collection is incomplete, programs may submit a planned format for publication and receive feedback from CIDA. Programs that would like to receive feedback should submit drafts for review before May 30, 2014 in order to provide adequate time to make adjustments, if necessary, prior to the August 1, 2014 deadline for compliance.