CIDA Board adopts clarifications to Professional Standards, effective 2014.

At their April 2013 meeting, the CIDA Board of Directors adopted clarifications to accreditation standards. Professional Standards 2014 are effective for programs being reviewed in spring 2014 and thereafter. Clarifications to Standards do not introduce new content or increase the level of achievement expected in order for a program to be accredited.

Clarifications are a result of an audit of Professional Standards 2011 conducted by the Standards Committee in 2012. The audit revealed criteria that would benefit from adjustments to language, further guidance for users, and emphasis in training activities. The CIDA Standards Committee consulted with the Accreditation Commission in developing clarifications to standards.

Programs scheduled for accreditation reviews in 2014 will receive up-to-date report templates from the CIDA office. Please contact Megan Scanlan, Director of Accreditation, at if you have questions.