Notice of Policy Change

CIDA is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), an organization that recognizes 60 institutional and programmatic accrediting organizations, and serves as a national advocate and institutional voice for self-regulation of academic quality through accreditation. In order to maintain this CHEA recognition, CIDA proposed changes to its Confidentiality and Disclosure and Program Announcement and Disclosure of Accredited Status policies and procedures, and proposed changes were posted on CIDA’s website for community review and comment in fall 2011. To review the complete rationale and description of proposed changes click here.

CIDA’s Accreditation Commission would like to thank everyone who participated in the review and comment for their thoughtful and insightful feedback. The Accreditation Commission agreed with some of the primary concerns with proposed changes that were identified, including:

  • Publishing program compliance with CIDA Standards could be confusing to parents and prospective students who may not have a strong comprehension about the technical meaning and interrelationships inherent in CIDA Professional Standards or the holistic nature of CIDA’s accreditation process.
  • Publishing program compliance with CIDA Standards could create an unintentional ranking of programs.
  • Listing the requirement for an interim visit could lead to public misperception by implying that some programs have partial accreditation while others have full accreditation.

After careful consideration of stakeholders’ comments and concerns and following CIDA staff consultation with a CHEA representative, the Accreditation Commission did not recommend implementation of the proposed policy changes to disclose a program’s level of compliance with each standard or to publish a requirement for an interim visit. Rather than publishing these details, the announcement of accreditation decisions will include more elaboration about the rigorous nature of CIDA’s accreditation process as the basis for accreditation decisions. This explanation will not relate to any one, single accreditation decision, but will more generally relate to how the accreditation process forms the basis for sound, reliable decisions about program quality relative to compliance with CIDA standards.

The CIDA Accreditation Commission recommended one policy change to the CIDA Board of Directors following the review and comment. The CIDA Board of Directors voted to adopt the policy change (effective June 1, 2012) that CIDA will publicly disclose denial of accreditation or candidacy status to applicant programs when announcing accreditation decisions made at Accreditation Commission meetings. As is currently the case, an applicant program may withdraw from the process of seeking accreditation at any time upon providing written notice to CIDA’s Accreditation Commission. Announcements of denial of initial accreditation or candidacy will remain on the CIDA website for six months.

Click here to download updated policy and procedure document.