Industry leaders share insights

The Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) board of Directors co-hosted a panel discussion in partnership with GRid70 in Grand Rapids, MI. Christine Barber of Gensler, New York, moderated the panel discussion focused on research methods, collaborative practices, and design innovation. These global topics proved highly relevant to panel members who represented lighting design; color expertise; flooring and textiles; personal health, beauty, household products; apparel; and furniture manufacturing.

Industry leaders who participated on the panel were:
Gregg Adams, Clanton and Associates, Denver, CO
Christine Barber, Gensler, New York, NY
Bill Dodge, Wolverine World Wide, Rockford, MI
Vicki deVuono, Interface FLOR, Chicago, IL
Leslie Harrington, The Color Association of the United States, New York, NY
Seth Starner, Amway Corporation, Ada, MI
Sudhakar Lahade, Steelcase, Kentwood, MI

The CIDA Board of Directors periodically conducts community outreach that informs CIDA’s process for developing quality standards or interior design education. Board Chair Robert Wright comments, “Discussions with related disciplines are fascinating in that they expose us to widely diverse perspectives, and yet we readily identify common themes. For example, a strong thread that has emerged from various group discussions is that building trust among team members requires deliberate and continual effort, but is fundamental to successful collaboration. Additionally, we heard that true innovation requires a culture that allows for failure as part of ¬†experiential learning. These insights help us hone our standards for interior design education.”

More information about the CIDA/GRid70 discussion is available here.

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Grand Rapids innovation and design at 70 Ionia, best known as GRid70, is one of only a few design hubs in the world. Bringing together creative talent from four major corporations – Meijer, Amway, Steelcase, and Wolverine World Wide, GRid70 allows for innovation, ideation, and cross-pollination. It’s an environment that stimulates out-of-the-box thinking, every day. Learn more at

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