CIDA serves as an important catalyst for the partnership between education and practice. CIDA Professional Standards reflect broad expectations that keep pace with practice. Interior design programs strive to achieve these expectations through rich, high quality educational experiences. As a result, the interior design profession flourishes with new practitioners who are well prepared to meet evolving and increasingly complex demands.

Interior design programs invest in educational quality through accreditation. The process of seeking CIDA accreditation is rigorous and requires dedication, time, and energy. The accreditation process can seem daunting at the outset. Fortunately, CIDA offers many excellent resources to guide interior design programs through the accreditation process from start to finish. CIDA encourages programs to begin preparations well in advance of an actual accreditation review. Programs report that advance planning and engagement in self study are key to a well-organized and rewarding experience.

CIDA accreditation staff works with each program to support a successful accreditation review, and welcomes program questions. Please contact Megan Scanlan, Director of Accreditation.